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Good day to you!

2009-04-03 19:09:58 by PaperBandit

I am PaperBandit, a member of The NCC. I am trained in Flash programming and animation, if you want my help, consult me, and we shall see if I can fit it in.

I am working on a small flash game, a 3-d Fire Emblem styled game, and a collaboration set up by the NCC. If you want to join the Group, send me a pm and you shall get a link. Well, if I see you fit enough to join!

Though I am working on many projects now I can still help you. Please, if you need help, give me a call.

That's all for now. Goodbye!

Oh, and here is a random picture I made ^^

Good day to you!


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2009-04-03 19:19:42

Hi friend, welcome to the newgrounds internet website

(Updated ) PaperBandit responds:

Thank you for welcoming me! I hope we become friends!


2009-04-04 15:06:16

Hello =D

PaperBandit responds:

Good day to you my friend =D


2009-04-04 17:15:24


(Updated ) PaperBandit responds: